Lora Snyder | Oceana USA

Lora Snyder

Campaign Director
Oceana Staff

Although born in the landlocked state of Ohio, Lora Snyder grew up vacationing with her family at the beaches of North and South Carolina every summer, fostering great respect and admiration for our oceans.  Ms. Snyder joined Oceana in 2015, bringing with her a deep commitment to protecting the oceans and a breadth of advocacy knowledge. 

Prior to joining Oceana, Ms. Snyder spent several years at a bipartisan lobbying firm, specializing in energy, human rights and environmental issues, among others.   In this role, she worked with Oceana on its seafood fraud campaign, gaining expertise in ocean and fisheries issues.

Ms. Snyder also served as principal advisor to former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Carol M. Browner. Ms. Snyder’s portfolio included staffing Ms. Browner in her role as Commissioner to the Global Ocean Commission.

In 2012, Ms. Snyder worked in presidential politics, serving as the regional deputy director for GOTV in Hamilton County.

Ms. Snyder graduated cum laude from Miami University, earning her degree in Political Science, and studied at Miami’s Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg.