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Washington, DC, USA

Global Development Assistant

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Report Finds Shark-Related Diving Generated Over $221 Million for Florida in 2016

Oceana Says National Shark Fin Trade Ban Needed to Help Protect Sharks

Julia Dickerson

Julia Dickerson

Receptionist and Office Coordinator

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Oceana Says Severe Funding Cuts Could Cripple Key Agencies, Calls on Congress to Reject President Trump’s Proposed Budget

Today, the Trump administration released the outline of the president’s budget for the federal government for fiscal year 2018. In his...

EFH Fact Sheets

Seafloor Protection Letters of Support

Current Support For Protecting the Living Sea Floor

There is wide-ranging support for protecting the seafloor from destructive bottom trawling, and for good reason: these rich habitats provide nurseries, food and shelter for many important fish species. We must maintain current protections while expanding them to additional areas that are essential to the health of the oceans. 

Fact Sheet: Healthy Habitat, Healthy Oceans

Fact Sheet: Protecting Southern California's Sea Floor