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Tell President Obama: No Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic

Make your voice heard – Sign our petition to tell President Obama to keep new offshore drilling out of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Oceana will submit this petition and your signature to the five-year plan’s comment period.

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White Sharks - What Oceana Does

Oceana’s efforts to address white shark bycatch helped initiate a recently formed bycatch working group created by the Marine Resource Committee of the California Fish and Game Commission. This effort is the direct result of a state Endangered Species Act petition Oceana submitted in 2012 with the Center for Biological Diversity, and Shark Stewards to afford the U.S. West Coast population of great white sharks with additional protections.

Obama Admin. Announces Plans to Open Atlantic & Arctic to Offshore Drilling

Obama also permanently withdraws important Arctic wildlife areas from drilling

Drift Gillnets

Stop "Walls of Death"

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Oceana senior scientist Kim Warner discusses shrimp misrepresentation on The Dr. Oz Show