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Molly Zaleski

Marine Scientist
Oceana Staff

Molly Zaleski has her BS in Marine Science: Biology from Long Island University, Southampton College and her MS in Fisheries from University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Her background is in Alaskan fisheries, with her MS project focusing on snow crab reproduction (endocrinology and gonadosomatic indices) in the Bering Sea and subsequent work at NOAA on Pacific cod and walleye pollock early life history (bioenergetics modeling in R). Prior to her graduate work, Molly was a groundfish observer on commercial fishing boats in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska; that work entailed counting and measuring target and bycatch fishes and crabs during active fisheries.

Molly currently works on Responsible Fishing and Protecting Essential Habitat to reduce bycatch, increase observer coverage, and reduce seafloor destruction in North Pacific fisheries. She prepares comment letters for public testimony to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council and is working on a collaborative project with the Audubon Society on an atlas to use regarding any future proposed projects in the North Pacific (identify which species would be affected/protected by projects with for which seasonal/life history differences are accounted).