Oona Watkins | Oceana USA

Oona Watkins

Campaign Associate
Oceana Staff

Oona joined Oceana on the Climate and Energy team in September of 2015, and transitioned into her current position as Climate and Energy Campaign Associate in May 2017.

As Climate and Energy Campaign Associate, she primarily writes press pieces and internal documents for the team, communicating science and transforming campaign topics into readily understandable information. A significant portion of her role in the campaign is to create and execute interdisciplinary mapping projects with GIS and other software programs. She graduated from Williams College in 2015 with a degree in Geosciences with honors. During her senior year, Oona completed a thesis on coastal geology and the wave dynamics of extreme storm events in western Ireland. Growing up between the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades in Naples, Florida has instilled in her a love for the ocean and a passion for environmental conservation.