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The BP Oil Disaster: 5 Years Later

Five years after more than 200 million gallons of oil poured into the Gulf, the BP oil disaster serves as much more than a bad memory. It's a constant reminder of the damage that continues to reveal and manifest itself in countless ways, and the stark reality of the government's failure to restore the Gulf region, or improve industry practices. The Obama Administration has not done enough to prevent future oil disasters.

The oil industry continues to drill and spill at the expense of communities and habitats that rely on a healthy Gulf for their survival. Unlike the oil industry, the people and the communities in the Gulf of Mexico affected by the BP oil spill disaster live with the consequences every day, and it will take many more years for them to recover completely from the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. It's up to us to break the cycle.


The BP oil disaster serves as a constant reminder that offshore drilling can have disastrous consequences. Beginning in April 2010, oil poured into the Gulf for 87 straight days, releasing more than 200 million gallons of dangerous and damaging oil into the marine environment. The consequences of this disaster will continue to devastate communities and ecosystems for years to come. We have to act to prevent spills like this from striking on U.S. coasts in the years to come.

Despite this dark piece of our history, we can take action to protect our coasts from dangerous offshore oil drilling. Right now, Oceana is fighting to keep new drilling out of the Atlantic and Arctic. We need your voice to keep the drilling out. Sign our petition to protect the Arctic and Atlantic!

Watch the trailer for our short documentary, "Drill, Spill, Repeat?" to see the BP oil disaster from perspectives of those still facing daily struggles, due to an industry out of control. Want to help spread the film's important message? Host a "Drill, Spill, Repeat?" viewing party.