Flurrie B. Myers - Oceana USA

Flurrie B. Myers

Office Support Manager

Oceana Staff

Introducing Flurrie B. Myers. Flurrie is a native Washingtonian. She is a product of the District of Columbia Public School System. She also attended classes at the University of the District of Columbia. Believes in having “Quality Service” over “Quantity of Service”.  She has managed to combine both in her on special way to make task that she takes on positive and flowing forward.

Flurrie started out her career as a “Volunteer Receptionist” for the District of Columbia General Hospital. While working there, Flurrie developed her skills as an administrator. She found that she had a gift for directing calls, handling the incoming volunteers, and providing customer service. Flurrie spent time working for the Washington Post. She furthered her customer service skills as a Customer Service Representative.

Flurrie had a knack for keeping the customers happy as well as her coworkers smiling. She used her synergistic attitude to make the work place a positive atmosphere. She greeted everyone with a smile, kind words, and a positive work ethic. This led her to moving to Durham, North Carolina and working for the Durham Herald Sun newspaper continuing as a Customer Service Representative.

After her time with the Durham Herald, Flurrie took her customer service skills to RICOH as a Senior On site Service Specialist. This position allowed Flurrie to expand her customer service skills, develop hospitality skills, and the office automation skills. While with RICOH, Flurrie became a site supervisor in a short period of time. She developed a system of filing vendors information that was easy to use and simple to do for anyone within the office working.

Flurrie’s return home: While with RICOH Flurrie was able to transfer job sites back to her hometown of Washington, D.C. She worked for Law Firms throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Due to her belief of “Quality over Quantity”, Flurrie’s career with RICOH flourished. Flurrie became the Lead On-site Service provider for setting up new RICOH accounts. Her work ethic was infectious as many of her contemporaries would be drawn into her ideas, visions, and shared ideas. Flurrie is the consummate team player.

Flurrie’s eight-year tenue with RICOH came to an end as a result, when she was working for U.S. Travel Association. She impressed the Director of Human Resources for U.S. Travel. Flurrie was eagerly picked up and put into the position of Office Manager. U.S. Travel, without hesitation brought out the contract with RICOH and hired Flurrie as a full-time staffer. While working at U.S. Travel Association, Flurrie was an intricate part of the “Cog” that made U.S. Travel Association flow. Flurrie’s skills were utilized to the fullest, her potential was always on site to be seen. Flurrie developed relationships with a variety of people, from staffers, vendors, and even various hotel workers from all over the country. Working for 9 years with the U.S. Travel Association allowed for more growth. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shift and Flurrie decided to move on from the responsibilities as Office Manager.

Flurrie has now brought her skills to Oceana. She looks forward to being an important part of the Vision of Oceana. Oceana will allow Flurrie to be challenged, to be a part of something new, and exciting. Flurrie B. Myers is ready to take on the role of Office Support Manager.