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March 21, 2011

Speak Up for California’s Marine Life Today

Humpback whales flock to the California coast, searching for herring, krill, and other small tasty fish. But these small fish, also known as forage fish, are dwindling in numbers due to fishing pressure, pollution, and demand for feed in the agriculture and aquaculture industries, among other threats.

There is currently legislation pending in the California State Assembly that highlights the importance of prey fish and calls for a scientific approach to fishing for them. Right now there is no consistent state policy governing management of forage species, but with your help we can change that.

Today is the last day to speak up for these important creatures – Tell the California State Assembly to support better management of forage species.

The bill would establish a state policy to guide management of forage species by requiring that fisheries managers consider– for the first time — how much forage needs to be left in the ocean to support a healthy ecosystem.

Healthy and abundant populations of forage species are critical to the sustainability of wild fish, marine mammals, and seabirds, not to mention the sustainability and/or recovery of key fisheries like Chinook salmon, yelloweye rockfish, sablefish, and white seabass.

Healthy fisheries and healthy oceans depend on a healthy food web, and forage species provide the foundation.

Tell the Assembly to support this legislation, and then help us spread the word!