Claudia Deeg - Oceana USA

Claudia Deeg

Oceana Science and Impact Fellow

Oceana Staff

Claudia is the Ocean Science & Impact Fellow with the Science & Strategy team where she works on a range of issues including the importance of fish for nutrition, international operations, and community engagement.

Claudia‘s love of the environment began with an obsession with The Crocodile Hunter as a kid and she’s never grown out of it. She received her bachelor’s in Biological Sciences and Geosciences from Smith College during which time she studied in Madagascar and researched coral reef health. After graduation she completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Zanzibar, Tanzania where she researched interactions between small-scale fisheries, tourism and marine conservation. After returning to the US, she worked as a public interest advocate in California and then went to Duke University to pursue her Master of Environmental Management. While a student, Claudia worked on the ‘Illuminating Hidden Harvests’ project with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization which investigated the contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development. Her master’s research focused on gendered impacts of climate change on small-scale fisheries.