Jennifer Brett - Oceana USA

Jennifer Brett

Communications Manager, Sailors for the Sea

Oceana Staff

A water lover from the beginning, Jennifer grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and some of her earliest memories involve long days spent at the beach. Since then she has become a scuba diver and sailor and loves to explore the shore, tide pools and coral reefs whenever she can. 

In 2008, Jennifer and her husband moved aboard their sailboat, Lyra, in Newport, Rhode Island, and raised their two young daughters afloat. During this time, the family lived mostly off the grid, using solar and wind for electricity, and a desalination system for water. As a result, conservation became a way of life. On winter cruises south to the Bahamas, Jennifer enjoyed showing her kids first-hand the beauty of the ocean and all its creatures, and the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. On the flip side, her family also became a witness to some of the challenges our oceans face: plastic pollution, coral bleaching, overfishing, and invasive species to name a few. 

Jennifer has a bachelor of art’s degree in Journalism from the University of Central Florida and 15 years of experience as a magazine editor in the sailing industry. Jennifer is excited to use her passions for storytelling and the ocean to promote Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana’s mission.