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Responsible Fishing

Oceana runs campaigns to win policy change proven to increase abundance and biodiversity with a three-part strategy that includes: stopping overfishing through the establishment of science-based catch limits, reducing bycatch, or the incidental catch of non-targeted animals, and protecting important marine habitat.

Water and land resources needed to grow food are increasingly scarce. Meanwhile, roughly one billion people, many of them poor, already depend upon fish as a primary source of animal protein. Wild seafood can help to feed the world if we manage it sustainably. 

Unfortunately, global fishing fleet is not currently sustainable. Global fish catch peaked in the late 1980s and has been declining ever since.

But there is a solution. Proven management measures can increase the global fish catch by 15 percent over current levels. We can rebuild ocean biodiversity and abundance enough to feed a billion people a healthy seafood meal each day.

Campaign Highlight: National Shark Fin Trade Ban

Campaign Highlight: Turtle Excluder Devices for all Shrimp Trawls

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