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June 8, 2010

The 2010 Ocean Heroes Are …

Happy World Oceans Day!

I hope you are out frolicking near the shore, but if, like most of us, you are stuck indoors, check out this list of things you can do to show your love for the oceans.

And now, for the exciting part. Thousands of you voted over the past month, and I’m tickled to announce the winners of this year’s Ocean Heroes contest. Drum roll, please:

This year’s Adult Ocean Hero is Jay Holcomb, the Executive Director of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC). As I wrote a few weeks ago, Jay is down on the Gulf Coast leading his organization’s efforts to clean up oiled birds from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Jay has dedicated the last 24 years to seabird rehabilitation and oiled wildlife response and has led IBRRC’s oiled wildlife rescue team on over 200 oil spill responses around the world.

When we called to tell Jay he won, he said, “I feel like I just won American Idol!” Nope, Jay, even better. Ocean Idol.

The 2010 Junior Ocean Hero Winners are the Shark Finatics, a group of students at Green Chimneys School in Brewster, New York who have raised more than $2,000 for shark research and conservation organizations around the world – and an immeasurable amount of awareness about shark finning.

The Finatics’ teacher Robin Culler was equally thrilled when she heard the good news, and she said she couldn’t wait to tell her students.

This year’s winners will receive a $200 gift card and binoculars from West Marine, a $500 gift card from Nautica, and a trip to today’s World Oceans Day with Nautica and GQ party in Los Angeles.

The other finalists will each receive a $50 gift card and binoculars from West Marine, and a $100 gift card from Nautica.

Congratulations to all of this year’s fabulous finalists – you all deserve recognition for your service to the seas!