Media Contacts - Oceana USA

Media Contacts


Dustin Cranor, APR
Senior Communications Director, North America
+1 202 341 2267 (DC)
+1 954 348 1314 (FL)

Contact Dustin for stories about Oceana’s U.S. campaigns on illegal fishing and seafood fraudclimate and energy, and responsible fishing, including our work to prevent seismic airgun blasting and the expansion of offshore drilling, promote offshore wind, reduce bycatch, protect marine life such as sea turtlessharks, and whales, and stop fisheries subsidies and the destruction of ocean habitat. Dustin should also be contacted about Oceana’s work to defend key environmental laws and our involvement with Global Fishing Watch as well as general U.S. marine science and policy questions, including those related to fishingclimate change, and pollution. Dustin should also be contacted about Oceana’s new campaign to stop ocean plastic pollution.



Gillian Spolarich
Communications Manager, International
Based in Washington, D.C.
+1 202 467 1909

Contact Gillian for questions about Oceana and general ocean science/policy issues; requests for interviews with celebrity spokespeople and other Oceana representatives, including members of our board of directors and executive team; queries about corporate or media partnershipspublic service announcements, brand marketing communications, special events, and entertainment projects.




Alyssa Carnegie
Communications Director, Belize
Based in Belmopan, Belize
+11 501 610 0952

Contact Alyssa for stories about general ocean issues affecting Central America and any of Oceana’s Belize-based campaigns.


Camilla Valadares
Communications Director, Brazil
Based in Brasilia, Brazil
+55 61 3247 1888

Contact Camilla for stories about general ocean issues affecting South America and any of Oceana’s Brazil-based campaigns.


Lesley Wilmot
Communications Director, Canada
Based in Toronto, Canada
+1 416 583 2352

Contact Lesley for stories about general ocean issues affecting Canada and any of Oceana’s Canada-based campaigns.


Tania Rheinen
Communications Director, Chile
Based in Santiago, Chile
+56 2 2925 5612

Contact Tania for stories about general ocean issues affecting South America and any of Oceana’s Chile-based campaigns.


Irene Campmany 
Communications Officer, Europe
Based in Madrid, Spain
+34 682 622 245

Contact Irene for stories about general ocean issues affecting Europe and any of Oceana’s European-based campaigns.


Georgina Aldana
Communications Director, Mexico
Based in Mexico City, Mexico
+52 55 1486 4423

Contact Georgina for stories about general ocean issues affecting Mexico and any of Oceana’s Mexico-based campaigns.


Rafael Tapia
Communications Director, Peru
Based in Lima, Peru
+51 993 094 920

Contact Rafael for stories about general ocean issues affecting South America and any of Oceana’s Peru-based campaigns.


Joyce Sierra
Communications Manager, Philippines
Based in Manila, Philippines
+63 917 821 4430

Contact Joyce for stories about general ocean issues affecting Southeast Asia and any of Oceana’s Philippines-based campaigns.