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June 30, 2008

Aboard the MarViva Med: A Plea for Bluefin

For a little more than a month, Oceana’s vessel the MarViva Med has been roving the Mediterranean documenting and exposing illegal fishing, among other activities, and writing about it on their blog. In the most recent entry from last week, they write, “Yet despite all the regulations in place the reality of overfishing and consumption is all too real. Removing all other factors (social, political, financial) if we know the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna numbers are declining then I’ll ask the question — if not now, then when? — should we start to conserving and protecting this spectacular animal for future generations. I hope its not until there is only one tuna left in the Mediterranean Sea.”I’m struck by the writer’s urgency, and it’s exciting to hear what’s happening from the folks who are seeing it firsthand. Check out the rest of the entries — and I’ll continue to update from here — as the MarViva continues its six-month journey to protect the sea.