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July 5, 2006

From Agropoli to Ischia

June 15 & 16, 2006

While Xavier, Juan and Quique are heading south, at midday, Eduardo de Ana and I head northwards to inspect the ports on the island of Ischia, where the 2005 Expedition managed to witness the presence of driftnet vessels.

Our initial course was directed towards visiting the main fishing ports on the island, namely: Ischia, Cassamicciola and Forio, with the aim in mind of graphically documenting the presence of these types of boats.

Along the whole route we were only able to see a few driftnet vessels, small bottom line vessels and minimally meshed flue nets. We also had the chance to witness the unloading of a boat in port, the small catch of which, both in terms of size and quantity, does not require a profound mathematical knowledge to suggest that this activity surely cannot suffice to afford a living to the four-man crew.

After our search on Ischia we headed back to Naples where we were told that the busiest port in the area was that of Pozzuoli. Consequently, we headed there in the afternoon. Once again we came across flue nets, bottom liners and heaps of nets all covered up on the dock, but not a single driftnet vessel was to be seen. At nightfall, we returned empty-handed to the Ranger, or not, depending on how one looks at it. Perhaps useful conclusions may be drawn from the lack of driftnets to the north of the Gulf of Naples, depending on what the others have come up with in the southern area.