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April 14, 2008

Al Gore’s new climate change slideshow is running an exclusive video of Al Gore giving a new presentation on the climate crisis. In outlining the strategic challenges of climate change, Gore argues:We need a worldwide, global mobilization for renewable energy, conservation, efficiency, and a global transition to a low-carbon economy. …But the political will needs to be mobilized in order to mobilize the resources.The thirty minute presentation highlights the dramatic decrease in size of the north polar ice cap over the last 28 years as well as the exploitation and decline of fisheries from the 1950s to the present. Some of the meat of Gore’s presentation will be familiar to folks who watched An Inconvenient Truth or attended the Oceana Partner’s Award Gala where Gore was honored last year. Still, this latest talk does a good job of combining older and more recent data to argue for urgency and responsibility. Gore calls for putting a price on carbon, ratifying Kyoto, and most importantly changing our political culture. He says from the outset, “…as important as it is to change the lightbulbs, it’s more important to change the laws.”