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July 12, 2012

And the Winner is…to be Announced July 18!

Voting for the 2012 Ocean Heroes Awards closed yesterday and thanks to your status updates, tweets, retweets and emails, we received over 8,000 votes that will determine this year’s winners.

In six days, we’ll reveal those winners (oh, the suspense!) but until then, I’d like use this opportunity to not only thank you again for your votes, but also to thank a supporter who invests great amounts of time, energy and resources into Oceana’s work.

And, in keeping with the suspenseful theme, see if you can guys which supporter I’m talking about. Here are your clues:

Clue 1: This supporter has been a partner and Ocean Hero Awards sponsor since 2009 and has provided over $1 million in funding for our mission to safeguard habitat, end overfishing and protect important marine animals, like sharks and sea turtles.

Clue 2: Just as Ocean Heroes finalists help the oceans in a wide variety of manners year after year, this supporter has aided Oceana in a number of different ways. For example, together we’ve recruited over 50 athletes for Team Oceana – our triathlon team that races and raises funds for Oceana – via triathlons in South Beach and Malibu (and formerly New York City) and volunteered to collect hundreds of pounds of trash out of the Hudson and Anacostia Rivers in honor of World Oceans Day.

Clue 3: This supporter has provided apparel for our PSAs and expedition crews in the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean, helped us raise additional funds through our involvement in the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball, and increased public awareness about Oceana via their own digital media, print advertising and even in display windows (Lord & Taylor on 5th Ave in NYC a couple years ago!).

…If you guessed Nautica, give yourself a pat on the back.

The mission of protecting the world’s oceans may belong to Oceana (literally…it’s our mission), but our successes wouldn’t be possible without motivated supporters like you, committed funders and sponsors like Nautica, and from allies who dedicate chunks of their lives to the betterment of our blue planet – people we like to call ocean heroes.

Oceana would also like to acknowledge the generosity of Revo Sunglasses, the other primary sponsor of the 2012 Ocean Heroes Awards.