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May 23, 2006

The best dive sites of the Mediterranean

BY: maureen

May 19, 2006

The exploration of the best dive sites of the Mediterranean, with a focus on ecology and marine protection, what would be a better job description? This is our daily routine on board the Oceana Ranger as divers, and I must say, very fortunate divers…..It took us a couple of days to get to know each other on land and then underwater, but even if we are coming from different environments, the underwater spirit is here…

Corsica, our first stop, gave us some good surprises and offered the first impressions of what to expect in this expedition, lots of clear blue water (a little chilly…) and life-rich (plein de vie) reefs.

Portofino has a lot to offer: First, we received a lot of support from the local authorities and divers who took on their own time to guide us on the local reefs and show us the best of the protected area.

It was the first motivating sign from Portofino : The rest just happened underwater. Blue gorgonians walls, exuberant fanworms, dense Neptunegrass prairies which seems to be dancing with the motion of the sea, curious octopus, scorpionfishes in search of the perfect colouring to camouflage…The Flabellina affinis which is a splendid nudibranch, shows off the most impressive display of colours and elegance in such a small creature (4 cm)…Just like the Italian ladies, lots of elegance and grace.

With more salty stories to come,
Thanks to the great Oceana team !
Thierry Lannoy–dive coordinator and assistant underwater photographer