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November 17, 2008

Bittman Chews on Conservation

I’ve been checking NY Times’ food writer Mark Bittman’s blog, Bitten, and watching his short, entertaining Minimalist cooking videos for a while now — and I’ve never noticed anything from him about marine conservation. So I was pleasantly surprised to see his piece, A Seafood Snob Ponders the Future of Fish, in the Times this weekend. From a seafood connoisseur’s perspective, he discusses overfishing, bycatch, and the problems associated with aquaculture, including waste and inefficiency, environmental degradation, and of course, flavor (or the lack thereof) — with salmon as his prime example. Is Bittman’s seafood snobbery productive? Can he change people’s minds via their stomachs? That is yet to be seen. For now, I’m just pleased to see someone in the food world as well-known as Bittman writing about these issues.