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September 4, 2007

Blinding Me With Science

I believe every work week should start on Tuesday, and not just because you get a three-day weekend. No, it’s the Science Times, which appears faithfully each Tuesday morning, that really gets me ready to do some ocean-saving.

This week’s edition is no disappointment. Read about John R. Delaney, “part oceanographer, part oracle” who says things like, “This is basically a NASA-scale mission to enter Inner Space.” I like a man with confidence! Delaney’s team, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, is planning to make the Pacific Ocean internet-accessible, laying a network of fiber optic cables and cameras on the sea floor.

Oceana’s Ranger uses a ROV to study the Mediterranean floor, and has come up with many astonishing finds. Imagine what secrets on the Pacific floor remain undiscovered – at least until 2009, when Delaney’s project lays its first piece of equipment.