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September 11, 2007

This Blog Entry Sucks

BY: nikki

It took scientists about four years to decide
on a name for a new genus of electric rays
found of the East Coast of South Africa:
Electrolux addisoni.

The name sucks harder than a Hoover on high. No kidding. Here’s what scientists had to say about the naming decision:

“The name alludes to the well-developed electrogenic properties of this ray (collectors and photographers have experienced the shocking personality of this bold, active and brightly patterned electric ray first-hand), the discovery of which sheds light (Latin, lux) on the rich and poorly-known fish diversity of the Western Indian Ocean.

And the vigorous sucking action displayed on the videotape of the feeding ray that was taken by Stephania and Peer Lamberti may rival a well-known electrical device used to suck the detritus from carpets, furniture, and other dust-gathering surfaces in modern homes…”