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July 28, 2008

Born to Flood

Ok, hold the New Jersey cracks: the Garden State might be in for a wild (and expensive) ride, thanks to climate change, a NJ paper reports.The study, one of the first to examine the impact of climate change on state economies, predicts, among other things, rapid beach erosion and an often-flooded Atlantic City, due to a rapid rise in sea level and more frequent and more intense storms. A handful of other states were studied, but according to a researcher, NJ is more vulnerable in terms of sea-level rise. The NJ coast’s sea level is expected to rise 2 to 4 feet between now and 2100.Poor Jersey. First it gets a nasty rap because of the millions of people who only know its industrial turnpike — and may or may not have a friend from there who swears it’s beautiful (I’m one of these millions, for the record. But I do believe it must be beautiful off one of those exits). And now this. I guess they’ll always have the Boss. Perhaps he can build his people an ark…For more on climate change see[Image via]