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September 9, 2013

CEO Note: The Perfect Protein in the News

Oceana’s new book, The Perfect Protein is available for sale at your local book store and online. Authored by myself and Suzannah Evans, with a foreword by Bill Clinton, this book explores the connections between ocean conservation and food security.

The new ideas presented in The Perfect Protein are gathering attention, and I want to share some of the coverage it received in the press and digital media:

CBS This Morning: Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Nora O’Donnell interview me along with Chef Eric Ripert, who graciously provided a sustainable seafood recipe for the book.

The Guardian: Emma Bryce spectacularly sums up the key ideas behind the book for the Guardian.

PRI’s Living On Earth: Steve Curwood and I discuss how to better manage our fisheries and why we included recipes in the book.

Canada’s Business News Network: Andrew Bell, Host of BNN’s Commodities & Market discusses the issues of our oceans and food security at length.

Stand up with Pete Dominck:  I spoke with Pete Dominck, a stand-up comedian who hosts a current affairs show on Sirius radio and a very interesting interviewer.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports: Peter Alexander and I discuss four easy steps that people can take when choosing sustainable seafood.

Coast Magazine: Terence Loose dives into how we can feed the world with fish, and what Oceana is doing to make that goal a reality.

Harvard Magazine: After the book release my alma matter ran a profile detailing my career and plugging the new book.

The book was also featured on National Geographic, Rachael Ray, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Associated Press, The Oregonian, and many more. Additionally, 40 top food bloggers signed up to cook recipes from the book as part of our network of “Perfect Protein” bloggers. The book launch also generated a sizeable social media impact: #perfectprotein was one of the top 10 “trending” topics on Twitter that day.

We want to keep spreading the news on how we can save the oceans and feed the world. If you have other ideas to help promote the book, please send them. You can find out where to the buy the book and the latest news at our book website:

For the oceans,
Andrew Sharpless
Chief Executive Officer