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March 25, 2008

Congress: Make Global Warming a Priority!

BY: maureen

Check out this message from our friends at League of Conservation Voters. Will you ask Congress to make global warming a priority in 2008? Take action here.When it comes to global warming, the U.S. House still has not passed any strong legislation. If our Representatives don’t catch up right now, it will simply be too late. The Earth can’t wait.

As Congress sets its 2008 agenda, one of the biggest problems facing America today is in danger of being swept under the carpet…. again. But you can make a difference today.

Urge your Representative today to make global warming a priority this year!

As the global warming crisis continues to worsen, we cannot sit back and wait for our leaders to take aggressive action. NOW is the time for real and immediate solutions from Congress – but the House needs to hear from you!

The evidence is overwhelming. Scientists have predicted that if our leaders do nothing to stop global warming then:

  • Hurricanes, tornados, and other extreme weather events will continue to increase.
  • Our coastal states and cities will be threatened by rising sea levels.
  • Water will be harder to find and droughts will increase making massive crop yields substantially less likely.

However, when it comes to actually passing global warming legislation, the House is seriously dragging their feet.

Tell the House to stop ignoring the most threatening issue facing our country… and the world.

By sending a letter to your Representative, you can show them global warming is one of the biggest issues on our minds and we need a guarantee that they are making plans to tackle the issue of global warming this year.

The earth can’t wait another year. We must make global warming a priority in 2008!

Thank you for your support,

Gene Karpinski
PresidentLeague of Conservation Votersg/campaign/oceana_warmingcrisis”>here.