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April 21, 2010

Danson’s Heart of Green (and Blue)

Well, I guess the theme of this week on the blog is winning, because I have another proud moment to announce today: The Daily Green has announced the winners of its 2010 Heart of Green Awards, and guess who’s on the list? The one and only Ted Danson.

The actor and Oceana board member is being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award; other awardees include chef Jamie Oliver and National Audubon Society’s John Flicker.

The awards celebrate individuals “whose work inspires real people to go green,” said Dan Shapley, editor of The Daily Green, who interviewed Ted about his work for the oceans. “This year’s honorees embody that mission by championing some of today’s most important causes, including ocean conservation, healthy seasonal eating, urban parks creation and climate change.”

Shapley also had this to say about our favorite white-haired ocean hero: “Ted Danson has been a strong force for ocean conservation for more than two decades. His star power helps him bring attention to important issues, from ocean acidification to overfishing. We’re proud to give him our most important Heart of Green award because he embodies our mission — to help ‘green’ go mainstream.”

And in case you need more Danson in your life (you do) — Ted will be on CNN this week talking about the oceans for Earth Day. Check out one of the following times, and the teaser below:

 (all times ET) –

Wednesday: 2p – CNN Newsroom

Thursday:11a  — CNN Newsroom

Friday: 9a or 10a – CNN Newsroom

Saturday – 6a – CNN Saturday Morning

Sunday – 7p – CNN Newsroom