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July 16, 2010

Do One Green Thing

BY: wrace

This is the first in a series of posts about how to green your life, week by week.

Depending on what you believe in, life consists of an order of events: you’re born, you live, you die. How you believe the day-to-day events between that major three occur is up to you. Whether it is luck, fate, random chaos, or a theory you have specially designed, things happen that change the path we are on.

The other day I returned from lunch to find a book at my desk. The cover read, Do One Green Thing. Intrigued, I started thumbing through pages I found various “green” topics from food to transport. The book looked interesting enough so I popped it into my bag and took it home.

By the next day I had read the book front to back, twice! The book serves both as a novice’s green how-to handbook and a daily guide for more seasoned environmentalists who may, as I did, learn quite a few new facts and tips. It addresses the question: what are the easiest and most affordable green things you can do to make a sizable impact on the world?

Part of my job is to translate the important information in environmental science and law into common everyday language that people will understand and take into account. Science and law translation is no easy task and has many hurdles. Similarly, Do One Green Thing does an excellent job bridging the apparent gap between environmental science, health, and the public.

Since the day this book arrived on my desk I have recommended and shared it with my family and friends. The route that this book took to get to my desk is relatively unknown. All I know is that things happen and this was a great thing. Whether it was an act of serendipity or not, I believe it is my duty to share this book with as many people as possible. So please, follow me as I color my life green, week by week, chapter by chapter.

You can check the book out at

Starting next week:  Do One Green Thing in Food and Drink. What if every American stopped drinking bottled water?

Will Race is Oceana’s Pacific Administrative Assistant