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August 11, 2014

Dusky’s Big Adventure, Day 1: Dusky Turns to Oceana for Help

This is the first in a five-part blog series that features Dusky the Shark. Over the next few days, Dusky will appear in a comic strip that explains why dusky sharks in the northwestern Atlantic are at risk, and what actions he and Oceana are taking to protect his species. Check The Beacon again tomorrow for the next installment of Dusky’s Big Adventure.

As you may have read this morning in our blog post about dusky sharks, this species is in trouble. Dusky sharks off the Atlantic coast dropped by as much as 85 percent during the past 40 years from overfishing. As overfishing persists and the federal government does not take action, this population remains at risk of further decline.

Even though dusky sharks may not be the most well-known species, they still need our help — and that’s why Oceana is stepping in to raise awareness about dusky sharks and urge the federal government to take action.

Here’s the story: 

After reading Oceana’s Wasted Catch report and learning the imminent fate of dusky sharks, Dusky the Shark is coming ashore to help save his species. Over the next few months, Dusky will develop his “Bucket List,” a list of activities he needs to do to protect his family and his fellow dusky sharks.  He will be asking people for ideas of what he should do to raise further awareness and secure protections. Dusky will meet with fishermen, elected officials, celebrities, and members of the public who can help reverse his fate.

Take a look at the comic strip above for the opening scenes of Dusky’s Big Adventure, and be sure to follow The Beacon to see what Dusky is doing to save his species. Click here to take action to protect dusky sharks.