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February 11, 2009

Elusive Narwhals Caught on Film

A documentary film crew has released what is believed to be the first footage of narwhals migrating through fissures in Arctic sea ice, says the BBC. These unusual creatures travel thousands of miles each summer as part of their migration, and capturing footage of the event is close to impossible. The documentary crew spent four weeks in the Arctic just trying to find the animals – and when they did, they were forced to retreat because the ice had gotten too thin.Thankfully, additional crew in a helicopter – and a beautiful clear day – made it possible to film the sleek creatures as they coursed through the ribbons of meltwater between sea ice.The fat, speckled narwhals, with spiraled tusks that jut up to seven feet from their jaws, made quite a spectacle.”It was an amazing sight. These animals are just so completely unreal – they are like something from mythology – and we were all just completely gobsmacked when we saw them,” said the documentary producer.See the amazing footage of narwhal migration here.