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May 13, 2011

Exploring Oceania, Supporting Oceana

Almost a year ago we told you about Oceana supporters Neville and Catherine Hockley, who for the past four years have been circumnavigating the globe on Dream Time, their 38 foot sailboat. They left behind their lives on land to pursue their passion – exploring the world by sea.

So far they have sailed a whopping 16,000 nautical mile and done some incredible things: they’ve swum with humpback whales in Niue, free-dived with giant manta rays in Fiji, and visited the enchanted islands of the Galapagos. The couple also writes articles about their travels, and the proceeds go towards Oceana’s work to protect the oceans.

They shared with us some of the thousands of gorgeous photos they have taken, and we wanted to share them with you too:

As we speak they are setting off for Raivavae (rye-vie-vie), a volcanic island around 400 miles south of Tahiti in the turquoise waters of the South Pacific. It competes with its famous northern cousin Bora Bora for the title of most picturesque destination. (Jealous much?)

Neville and Catherine estimate that they will spend eight more years exploring the world before completing their circumnavigation.

“We live a fortunate life and not a day passes when we don’t recognize just how lucky we are, not only to live our dream, but to experience the ocean in all its glory, in such a natural and intimate way,” they wrote via e-mail.

Thank you, Catherine and Neville, and bon voyage! (We will be living vicariously through you…)

You can follow the Hockleys’ journey on their blog.