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May 13, 2005

Featured Photo — Grey Angelfish Pair (Pomacanthus arcuatus)

BY: sandy

Not only are oceans and ocean life vital to human survival; the underwater world has always fascinated and inspired us. Few of us, though, have the chance to explore that world ourselves. To give our readers a glimse into life under the waves, we’ll be featuring underwater photos and photographers on a regular basis. Artists, get in touch! And everyone – please share stories from underwater adventures.

“I followed this mated pair off Little Caymay for 20-plus minutes, shooting most of a roll of 36, to get just the perfect shot.” (Grey angelfish are believed to mate for life.)

AGE: 61
BASED OUT OF: Monrovia, MD

How did you become an underwater photographer? Having been a photographer since getting my first camera at the age of nine, it was only natural that I took one with me when taking up SCUBA at fifty. Plus, my photos let me share the magnificence, fragility and awesome variety of the sea with those unable or unwilling to visit personally.

Conservation mantra: “Treat the sea as you would your children; you may need to depend on them someday.”

Website: www.h2optics.biz