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May 26, 2004

Feed Them Ethanol!

BY: ericb

I have found a healthier alternative to hallucinogenic drugs. Not only do I periodically read the newspapers, but when I run in to work in the morning, I listen to NPR. This morning’s head trip was a “story” about the need to modify soybeans so farmed salmon could eat them!

Now, it’s hard to keep one’s thoughts in order here — but how about: “Hey — they’re carnivores! They don’t want to eat soybeans! Not even roasted and dipped in wasabi!” Or — “If we need to increase soybean consumption — wouldn’t it be more efficient to just give them to people directly?”

I don’t know who planted, excuse me, I meant alerted NPR to this story, but a little context might have helped. Why can’t we eat wild fish?  Why does it make sense to “farm” carnivores?  Are there any pollution or public health issues?  

And of course, since salmon don’t like soybeans, they are doing research on “modifying” the soybeans so the salmon can keep them down.  Oh boy. Now I’m not worried at all.

So — it may not be news — but its cheap, legal, and fun.