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August 18, 2007

Feel Like Making Slug

BY: nikki

Ever wondered how near-blind sea slugs get it on? I know; me too. Fortunate enough for my insatiable curiosity, one of our interns passed along a link to this story that clears up the murky mystery of sea slug mating.

In short, scientists found that these slugs secrete four chemicals, which seem to lure mates faster than this girl can say Viagra.

Researchers are using their findings to see if they can identify similar pheromones in other marine creatures that influence mating behavior and to see if those pheromones can be manipulated and recreated.

If that doesn’t work, though, I bet Justin Timberlake will do the trick. …
For the purpose of my own amusement, I’ve contrived this sexy sea slug scenario, involving the appropriately named chemicals, which the slugs emit. My interpretation could be wrong, though, I mean, I’m no scientist:

Attractin. A sea slug walks into a sandbar. His olfactory picks up on the sea slug equivalent to Chanel No. 5, he makes a moraine on over to the other side of the bar.

Enticin. Our sea slug protagonist plays it cool at first – it can be pretty chilly on the ocean floor. After enough time elapses, he asks his potential mate if she’d like another of whatever she’s drinking (a Sea Breeze, of course).  

Temptin. The evening wears on – how bout another Sea Breeze?

Seductin. By the end of the night our protagonist is ready to make his move: Your shell or mine? Nevermind that he’s a sea slug, ergo he doesn’t have a shell. He’s gambling on the fact his potential mate is nearly blind, so she probably won’t even notice.