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September 10, 2009

Flying Jellyfish: Sign of the Times?


One of the stranger marine phenomena that we have been a witness to over the past few years has been jellyfish blooms in the Mediterranean Sea.Science has not been able to find a point-source for what causes jellyfish blooms, but it is believed to be a combination of increasing water temperature as a result of climate change, the reduction of predators, and eutrophication caused by runoff.But why am I talking about jellyfish now? Well, a man in Madeira Beach, Fla. decided to make them an airborne menace. He was allegedly pretending to drown and then hurling the blobs at unsuspecting teenagers.Imagine beaches filled with jellyfish where any idiot can use them as a projectile. No thank you, sir. If the blooms themselves were not a signal that we need to change our ways, well then perhaps their potential weaponization should be.