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October 8, 2008

Freaky Fish #4: Googly-eyed Glass Squid

Thanks to Jason at Cephalopodcast, I’ve learned that today, the eighth of October, is the second unofficial Cephalopod Appreciation and Awareness Day. Which makes today’s Freaky Fish contestant, the googly-eyed glass squid, all the more appropriate.Reminiscent of the crystal skull from Indiana Jones, the scintillating cephalopod has a pretty great trick: When it feels endangered, it inflates its body with water, swelling into a transparent sphere. Then it draws its head, arms and tentacles into its body, and at last fills with ink, disappearing into the dark. See the rest and vote for the freakiest at And in celebration of the day, you can vote for Googly-eyes here if you want, but also check out all the other brilliant cephalopod activities, like fashioning a quick and easy squid halloween costume.