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October 17, 2008

Friday Links: Squid Joins ‘The View’

At last, a cephalopod has risen to fame on daytime television. What took so long?”The 900-pound cephalopod from the family Architeuthidae joins cohosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd. Like many past hosts, who have come from such diverse backgrounds as law, stand-up comedy, and local news, the squid was a virtual unknown before joining the cast. Plucking it from relative obscurity, producers discovered the squid 26,000 feet below sea level in the Mariana Trench and said to themselves, ‘This is the perspective the show has been lacking…In an interview last Friday, (Joy) Behar voiced her support of the creature.’We might argue on set—I might jokingly call the squid ‘disgusting’ or ‘decomposing’ or ‘stupid,’ and poke fun at its awful stench, and it might sometimes try to shred my body with its razor-sharp radula—but once the show is over, we’re all friends,’ Behar said. ‘The squid even came to my daughter’s piano recital.'”And with that, I say: In these times of economic hardship and environmental degradation, it’s important to remember the real heroes — the members of the fake news. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, SNL, the Onion — you are our saviors.