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August 3, 2006

Get Discovered and Save the Oceans

Our friends over at Shifting Baselines have launched an amazing new version of their website, and a fun new video contest.  As they say:

We’re looking for the most creative, innovative, and hilarious ideas you can think up. Your flix can be about:

  1. OCEANS – from surfing to sharks to fishing, anything that might give the world a better appreciation of the oceans.
  2. SHIFTING BASELINES – Which is about CHANGE, and the failure to notice it.  Whether it’s increasing traffic or the way basketball shorts have slowly gotten longer over the years, anything that expresses how our standards are changing. You don’t need to feature the oceans for this topic, you could conceivably make a film about shifting baselines in wheat fields… wherever you see a change in standards.

Keep all your videos under sixty seconds and submit them to us at this link and the next thing you know, you’ll see your work on the SB Flix page, making you a regular modern day environmental celebrity. Go you!

For you video auteurs out there, submit your videos and for you video fans make sure you check in as videos get submitted.  And, while you’re at it, check out Oceana’s growing selection of videos as well…