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June 21, 2006

Get the Green List and Tell Your Grocer!

BY: jsavitz

Yesterday, we launched our much anticipated “Green List” — a directory of stores that care about their customers’ health enough to post the FDA mercury advice at their seafood counters.  There are 11 grocery store chains included in the Green List. And of course, no Green List campaign would be complete without a corresponding “Red List!”  That would be the list of stores that has refused to post this important information at the seafood counter. There are 60 stores on that list.

The vision is obvious — Since people have a right to know about mercury, we need to convince the Red List stores to get with the program — to post the advice at the counters, and get on the Green List.

To make this happen, we need everyone’s help.  While Oceana is keeping the pressure on, the group these companies are most likely to listen to is YOU, their customers. If we all get involved as shoppers, we can make fast work of this.  

So here are two easy things you can do:

Step One: Go to our new Green List web page and pledge to support companies who care about your health enough to post signs.  Simple, eh?

Step Two: Go tell your grocer you are concerned about mercury and you want to see signs at the seafood counter.  We hope to have 1,000 grocers alerted by the end of the year, so help us make that happen.

If we are all sending the grocers the same message, together in unison, then signs at seafood counters will be commonplace and millions of moms and dads will be armed with the information they need to shop for low mercury fish for their families.

Oh, I almost forgot — Step Three: Tell your friends!