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July 17, 2009

A Golden Endeavor

I’m sure that many of you have visited or crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA at some point in your life. But imagine rowing to it. From Japan. But that is what Chris Martin and Mick Dawson are attempting to do in their Golden Gate Endeavour: be the first to row across the North Pacific Ocean without assistance. The two incredibly experienced rowers set off on May 8 and are currently 70 days and just over 2300 miles into the trip. Chris and Mick departed from Choshi, Japan with everything necessary for the journey, including all food and supplies, a water desalinator, and solar panels to power the communication and video systems. They also specifically designed and constructed their boat, christened “Bojangles,” for this trip. Twenty-three feet long and six feet wide, it is the most advanced ocean rowing vessel ever built. Which is a good thing, considering what they are facing. The pair have had to tackle everything from the scorching sun to torrential downpours, from harsh winds to intense fog, from counter currents to commercial shipping. And I’m sure there’s a lot more to come as they make their way towards San Francisco and the expected October arrival date. Read about all their adventures in their daily blog posts and track their journey in their progress charts. Good luck Chris and Mick!