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June 8, 2007

Happy World Ocean Day!

BY: maureen

The summer may not officially start until June 21, but the summer blockbusters have clearly arrived. Spidey swung into theaters earlier this season and is still sticking around while Captain Jack Sparrow embarked on his latest journey taking moviegoers to the end of the world. But both movies could soon be old news now that Oceans 13 hits theaters … TODAY!

I can’t think of a better day for Oceans 13 to debut, since today is none other than World Ocean Day!

World Ocean Day was created in 1992 at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, put on by the UN. Ever since, thousands have celebrated the oceans’ importance and their personal connections with them. But, unfortunately, for the past 15 years this honorary day has remained an unofficial celebration because the UN has failed to formally designate June 8th as World Ocean Day every year. This symbolic action is a great opportunity to recognize our oceans, and any chance to do that is a good thing.If you’d like to do your part to commemorate this unofficial holiday, check out these 13 ways to show your love for the deep blue sea:

    1. Ask the UN to make World Ocean Day an official celebration!

    2. Always remember to eat sustainable seafood. Download our handy pocket guide.

    3. See a movie that highlights the threat of overfishing our oceans. Purchase Happy Feet here.

    4. Shop at grocery stores that are warning consumers about seafood contamination. Check out the Green List.

    5. Do the public a service! Add our free banners to your website.

    6. Reduce waste, recycle and never litter – oceans are not our dumping ground.

    7. Shop our online store. Not only do we get a percentage of sales – you’ll also be promoting the Oceana name.

    8. Fight global warming by being energy efficient. Climate change adversely impacts our oceans.

    9. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper explaining our oceans are at risk.

    10. Add the Ted Danson badge to your myspace page and raise funds for Oceana.

    11. Talk the talk. Visit our discussion forum to share your ideas about ocean conservation.

    12. Send dads and grads an Oceana bouquet from our friends at Organic Bouquet.

    13. Ask your friends and family to join the Oceana community by signing up to be a WaveMaker.

Oceans provide us with food, they regulate climate and generate oxygen, so it doesn’t matter if you reside on the coast or farther inland; the ocean in some way impacts your everyday life. Such a broad scope of effect is something worth celebrating.