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February 19, 2009

Her Deepness and ‘Encounters’

Calling all DC area residents: Tonight renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle is speaking at National Geographic about her new book, Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas. Co-author Linda K. Glover will be joining her as well, and we should be treated to some rare views of the sea. “Her Deepness,” as Earle is sometimes called, recently won the 2009 TED prize along with two other leaders in their fields.She was also apparently part of the impetus for the creation of the newly unveiled Google Ocean, when she told a Google rep, “You’ve done a great job with the dirt, but there’s all that water out there—the world is blue.” And as long as we’re talking ocean-related events:As you may recall, the Oscars are this Sunday. The National Archives is playing the nominated documentaries and shorts this week, including Werner Herzog’s Encounters At the End of the World. It’s playing for free tomorrow at 7 p.m.