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February 16, 2011

How to Help Oceana Through Crowdrise

I often get questions from supporters who want their friends and family to donate to Oceana instead of traditional birthday, wedding, or anniversary presents. Not only is this an incredibly thoughtful way to give back to the oceans, but it is also incredibly easy!

You can set up an account and personalized fundraising page on Crowdrise in under five minutes. No joke! Here’s how:

1.    Create a profile on This literally takes less than 30 seconds.
2.    Check out our page,, and click “Start a Fundraising Project/Event”.
3.    Create your fundraiser! Is it for your birthday? An anniversary? You just want to help out the oceans? Be creative! You can create a customized link, so you can tell your friends to go to to donate to Oceana. Set a goal to inspire folks to donate.
4.    You can upload a pic of yourself (or skip this step).
5.    And then make sure Oceana is the charity you pick for your fundraiser.

And that’s it! A personalized donation page to help support the oceans in less than five minutes. Added bonus of setting up your page through Crowdrise? You’ll get notifications when you friends and family members donate, so you can thank them personally, as well as keep track of how close you are to your goal.

Once your page is created, it is super simple to add photos, video, and a story about why you want folks to donate. Maybe you are a long time surfer who wants to make sure the oceans stay clean. Someone who has fond memories of family beach vacations. A concerned world citizen who wants to turn the tide on ocean destruction. Give a short story about why this is important to you!

Crowdrise also gives you some tips for spreading the word to your friends and family, but the main tip is – ask them! Email your friends, share the link as your Facebook status, post a link to your page on Twitter. If you created a customizeable link, you can even casually drop it into conversation. “Oh, you know what’s more awesome than a grilled cheese sandwich?”

I’m always happy to help others save the oceans, so if you have any questions, drop me a line at or 202.467.1933.