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May 29, 2008

How much do you know about Patagonia?

Our goal to raise $20K in May for Patagonia is within our grasp. Our staffs in DC and Santiago are working hard to create Marine Protected Areas in Chilean Patagonia. With Sunday as the cutoff for this fundraiser, we have just about $4,000 more to go. To help gather the remaining $4K, I’d like to offer a challenge…I took a Patagonia trivia test from the PBS website and scored a 16 out of 20 (for real!). For anyone who beats my score, send an email to, subject: Patagonia Trivia, and I’ll celebrate you superior knowledge in my next blog post. If you don’t beat my score, you can avoid infinite shame and sorrow by making a donation on behalf of our efforts to protect Patagonia. But regardless of your ability to give, test your knowledge of Patagonia and see how much you really do (or do not) know. Enjoy!