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October 19, 2009

Inbox Inspiration

We frequently get e-mails from Wavemakers who have questions or comments about our work. But every once in a while we get stories that just plain make our day. We got such an e-mail on Friday from a father named Frank. He wrote:

My son, who is 8 years old, has started a charity on his own. We read an article about how marine animals are dying from starvation after mistakenly eating plastic bags…especially sea turtles. So my son saved his money all summer (from picking up dog poop in our back yard) and used the money to buy reusable shopping bags. He bought 100 shopping bags and he has been handing them out to shoppers at the local grocery stores FOR FREE, so they will not use so many plastic bags.He is already on his 4th box of 100 bags…he’s been getting some donations from people when they get bags, as well as contributing his own allowance to buying more and more bags.Just doing his part and I thought you should know…

Thanks for your e-mail, Frank, and kudos to your son for being a budding ocean activist.