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August 26, 2008

It’s Easy Being Green

I know you have an old computer monitor lying around, or an Ikea coffee table you’re sick of, or an old VHS collection that’s gathering dust and making you feel old. Instead of turning to your friend Craig and his fabulous list, try out the recently launched Remarkd — It’s like craigslist or e-bay… with warm fuzzies. On Remarkd you post things for sale, and then you donate a portion to the cause of your choice — more specifically, US! What a bright idea!And here’s another way to be a do-gooder, while we’re at it — there’s a new magazine on the stands, and it’s Positively Green. It has helpful features on how to eco-fy every aspect of your life. And the best part? With every subscription they donate $2 to the charity of your choice (again, *coughOceanacough*)So spend a day getting rid of your old stuff, then sit back and relax with your new favorite mag…[Image via]