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February 12, 2008

It’s Lonely at the Top …

BY: smahan

As I wrote the other day, Kroger and Harris Teeter grocery companies are now posting the Food and Drug Administration advice about mercury in seafood.  This is great news!  Kroger is the second biggest grocery company in the United States (guess who’s No. 1 …) and now represents a huge chunk on Oceana’s list of good grocers posting the FDA advice – the Green List.

Harris Teeter’s commitment comes in response to Oceana’s most recent report, Hold the Mercury, about high mercury levels in fish from supermarkets and sushi joints.  

Yes, things are really looking up for health-conscientious shoppers, thanks to companies like Kroger and Harris Teeter.  In fact, the No. 2 (Kroger), No. 3 (SuperValu) and No. 4 (Safeway) grocers are already posting signs at most or all of their stores. … Must be lonely up at the top, eh Wal-Mart?

In the meantime, be sure to ask the Food Marketing Institute to make a sign for Wal-Mart and all grocers to post.