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July 23, 2013

From Jimmy Buffett to Pearl Jam: Our Finalists’ Favorite Music

When our Ocean Hero finalists aren’t saving the oceans, many of them love to wind down with music that keeps their love for the oceans going strong! Here are some of our finalists’ favorite ocean or beach-related songs: 

Angela Pozzi: I love Jack Johnson’s sensitivity to the sea.

Bren Smith: Banks of Newfoundland 

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag: Pearl Jam – without a doubt! I am a huge PJ fan! I have been to over 30 shows and continue to follow them around. Their music, activism and art is fueled by the band’s love and respect for the ocean. If anyone reading this has an “in” with the band, I would love the opportunity to meet and discuss the ocean with them!

Jean Beasley: I’m a parrothead. Jimmy Buffett…and he loves and respects the ocean

Kurt Lieber: Every time I hear John Denver’s “Calypso” I get this urge to get on a boat and just get out there and jump into the salty deep—on behalf of a good mission.  We don’t know what our future holds, but we can make decisions today that will give us the opportunity to get out there and explore the spiritual richness that can only be found by immersing yourself in nature. 

Abby Goldberg: The Beach Boys

Cori McWilliams: My favorite singer is Jimmy Buffett because he sings about how wonderful the ocean is.

Derek Petrisko: I like the part about Shark Week in “The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us.” 

Rory and Maeve McCracken: Definitely Jimmy Buffett!