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August 25, 2004

Jon’s Journal: Day 18

August 16, 2004: The video we collected on our dive to Pratt seamount allows for an unlimited number of opportunities to revisit the seafloor. Each dive has generated a treasure trove of digital video data. A hard-working team of undergraduate and graduate students, NOAA scientists, and research assistants has diligently reviewed each minute of footage collected during the entire cruise and annotated the highlights. “Dive 4036, time 16:11:43, closeup of bubblegum coral with polyps extended”. “Dive 4029, time 13:45:07, seastar apparently feeding on bamboo coral”. “Dive 4031, time 14:20:27, spider crabs and squat lobsters swarming on carcass (fish?)”. There are hundreds of entries like this. You can check out some of the best on the NOAA Ocean Explorer Web site.