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June 11, 2010

Malibu Magazine’s Blue Issue

Just in time for World Oceans Day, this month Malibu Magazine released its Blue Issue, which showcases high-profile ocean activists and their participation with various conservation organizations.

Among the activists are actor Pierce Brosnan, supermodel Tatjana Patitz and world-renowned architect Harry Gesner.

Gesner, who was highlighted for his support for Oceana, is known for his visionary style; his Wave House was an inspiration for the Sydney Opera House. He is also a WWII veteran and an avid surfer.

“Waiting for the wave, seeing it, paddling for it, taking it, dropping in — that’s my church, that’s where I go,” he told Malibu.

 “And what angers me most is the disrespect people have for the ocean and the things that are living in it: the dolphins, the whales, the seals. We need to address those points and conditions before it is too late.”

Learn about Gesner and the rest of the featured activists in the Blue Issue.