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June 7, 2013

Meet the Faces of the Ocean Hero Awards!


Sara Bayles was a 2010 Ocean Hero Awards Finalist.

In May 2009, Sara Bayles started her Daily Ocean Project, in which she pledged to do 365 (non-consecutive) 20-minute beach cleanups and blog about it the whole way through.  Two and a half years later, on December 8, 2012, she completed her last clean up, tallying 1,333.1 pounds of trash removed from her local beach in Santa Monica!

Although she’s completed her original goal, Sara is not turning her back on the littered beaches. 

In fact, she’s taking her “beach cleanup revolution” from the beaches to the classroom, and hopes to publish a new book about her beach cleanups (and passion for body surfing!). If all goes to plan, the book and an accompanying speaking tour will enable Sara to reach thousands of people at schools, non-profits, and businesses and to continue educating, encouraging, and inspiring others to take action.

Already, Sara’s Daily Ocean Project has inspired people around the world, from the bayou of Louisiana to the northern coast of Germany and the beaches of Australia.  The beauty of forming the global community, she told Oceana recently, is that each person does not feel so alone.  Knowing that someone else is on the opposite side of the continent, the ocean, or the world builds solidarity and serves as a reminder that every little bit counts.

Sara’s message is a simple one, “One person makes a difference. That one person is you. Together we are an unstoppable solution.”

Are you that one person who is part of the solution?  Do you know that one person? Nominate them for the 2013 Ocean Hero Awards starting tomorrow, June 8th!

The 2013 Ocean Hero Awards are proudly supported by Nautica, JW Marriott, Outside Television, and Revo Sunglasses