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August 5, 2009

More on Blue August


Last week I posted about Discovery Planet Green’s Blue August Month of programming. While their sister network, Discovery, has been celebrating shark mania, Planet Green has been celebrating the entire ocean and all bodies of water around the planet.They just posted this promo for the month’s programming:Check out the awesome ocean line-up here. They have all eight episodes of Blue Planet which is a truly amazing series – think Planet Earth but all focused on the ocean. I also highly recommend Cracking the Ocean Code.Planet Green’s website is also featuring some great Oceana Content. They have a page for the January Jones Shark PSA, a page featuring Oceana videos highlighting three things you don’t know about ocean conservation and a page that is home to a slew of Oceana videos. Keep tuning in to Planet Green and checking the website and we will keep you posted as they add more Oceana content. Happy Blue August!