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February 21, 2006

Mother Jones Guest Bloggers

The upcoming March/April issue of Mother Jones Magazine will feature a 31-page cover package on the state of the oceans, something of interest to Oceana’s e-activists and other supporters. In fact, Oceana’s groundbreaking report on bycatch, Wasted Resources, will be cited in this oceans package.

Mother Jones is posting the entire oceans package — plus a good deal of Web-only content — on next Tuesday, Feb. 21. That same day, lead author Julia Whitty and other editors and writers from Mother Jones will start a weeklong stint guest-blogging for Oceana.
Julia Whitty, who has been writing about and filming the sea for 25 years, spent weeks aboard research ships in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico to research her story for Mother Jones. In a captivating personal account, she weaves the details of these research trips together with a broader view of the many things that are threatening our oceans — from pollution and overfishing, to climate change, trash, and noise.

Other stories in the oceans package focus on the conflicts of interest in the regional councils that determine the allowable catch on U.S. shores, the decimation of menhaden for their oil, stories about whales and polar bears, and a guide to the seafood we can still eat safely and with a clear conscience. It’s all beautifully packaged with photos, graphs, and illustrations.

We invite Oceana’s supporters to read the Mother Jones oceans package, share it with friends, and to come to Oceana’s blog starting on Feb. 21 to chat with the very people who wrote those fascinating stories.